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3DP 3D Printed Prototype Nut

The Kerk® 3DP nut offering is designed for rapid prototyping with additive manufacturing. One of the challenges with the current material offerings in 3D printing is the lack of low wear, low friction materials. For prototyping a lead screw driven assembly, it’s critical to simulate the correct tribological performance of the lead nut solution to understand how the axis of motion will perform. By integrating basic anti-rotation, and axial locking features with our high efficiency thread form the 3DP nut allows for simple integration of a premium performance thread system into a 3D printed prototype. This gives engineers and developers a leg up on the competition by being able to quickly test several configurations while leveraging additive manufacturing and top performing lead nut materials.  The result is shortened design cycle and rapid product launch to market allowing you to capture more market share with your latest and greatest solution.